“The pictorial work of the artist Herme Bellido is music translated to colour, a code for another life, able to project states of mind in a serene encounter.

Herme’s artpieces are secret maps only accessible through that slow pace of observation and desire, through play and discipline, from the thirst for life and the love of the unknown. That is the intelligence with which art protects itself, but only for those ready to abandon the complex rhythm of our lives. It is a beautiful praise of slowness, the most precious asset.”

Paco Perez Valencia
Curator, museographer, artist


“Herme’s translations are sincere and full of method. All the completed paintings have a weight or gravity to them, an earthiness punctuated by small windows of turquoise that can easily be read as sea or sky, whatever you prefer. To me they bring forward recollections of landscapes, of spaces rooted in Spain but observed through a pair of eyes honed in Britain, with echoes of lessons learned from high modernism on these isles.”

Anders Rindom


“Her works are born from remembering the stillness. She gives new lives to the Tree, dressing it with elegant colours made with  elaborated inks, transforming it to distil its essence, enlarging it as the teacher that it has been. Shapes, hues and compositions grow with the same apparent grace and ease as the elements in nature, without revealing the laborious technical process involved in the creation of these works. Through this process, which is both graphic and painterly, she achieves a superb harmony, which reveals itself free from improvisation.”

Mayte Carrasco Gimena
Deacon of the Fine Arts University of Seville


“Herme befriended a tree in Richmond Park. She visited it daily to alleviate her solitude, her sorrows. She first needed to return to it to keep her balance, afterwards to learn all from it.

That centenarian oak tree spoke to her of eternal presence, the world’s equilibrium, the passing of time that changes our appearances but not our cells, not the inside. And it is precisely inside where the artist looks to understand and exorcise the light and shadow of human nature, carefully breaking up the emotions that seize us strongly by the heart, showing proudly the silence when necessary, taking off the heavy corsets that suppress us, exploding when the soul is filled with life and thanking it for what it is, being and feeling each molecule that we are in spite of the horror, which threatens at any slip to seduce us.”

Laura Acosta Ignacio
Journalist and curator


BA Hons in Fine Arts by the University of Seville.

Group shows


“In the manner of”, Galería Rafael Ortiz, Sevilla


Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, London.


“Beneath the canopy”, Artichoke Gallery, Sussex


“A tale of two cities”, Liberty Pop up Show, London


“Secret Wardour”, MessumsWiltshire Gallery


“A new Home”, Art Pavillion, London.


Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead, London.


Henley Arts Festival, Henley.


Art for youth, Royal College of Art London.


Galería Envie Dárt, Paris.


Galería Gaudí, Madrid.


Microformat exhibition, Galería Isabel Ignacio, Seville.


Royal Marines trust fund Exhibition, The Belgravia Gallery, London.


RCA Secret 11, Gulbenkian Galleries, Royal College of Art, London.


City Show, The Wey gallery, Surrey, England.


The Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy, London.


Originals’10 Printmaking Show, The Mall Galleries, London.


Chelsea Art Society, London.


Originals’09 Printmaking Show, The Mall Galleries, London.


The winter show, The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle, England.


Estampa, International Printmaking Show Madrid.


Art and Genre: 31 Iberoamericans artists.
Consejería de Cultura de la Junta de Andalucía. Antequera, Motril, Jaén.


Galería Nuevoarte, Seville.

One man exhibitions

2022 “Nuevo Mundo”, CICUS, Sevilla.
2012 “Surrender”, Galería Isabel Ignacio, Sevilla.
2010 “Nothing has been written”, The Brook Gallery, Devon.


2013Commended for Entrance International Painting competition Focus Abengoa, Seville.
2010Commended for Entrance International Printmaking Show, Originals’10, The Mall Galleries, London.
2009“The Brook Gallery prize Award” for artistic innovation, The Mall Galleries, London.
2008Commended for Entrance National Printmaking Competition “XI Alcalá de Guadaira”. Seville.
2007Commended for Entrance National Printmaking Competition “X Alcalá de Guadaira”. Seville.
2006Second Prize International Printmaking Competition ” Galería Nuevoarte”. Seville.
2003Second Prize National Printmaking Competition “VI Alcalá de Guadaira”. Seville.

Of interest

Member of The East London Printmakers.

Her Work has been selected to be part of the permanent Print collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum .