Dawn, at Rafael Ortiz Gallery

“ After living and dreaming, there is what matters most: awakening “, A. Machado “The awakening series” was created and executed entirely during the confinement months […]

An invitation

“It is no exaggerated praise to call a tree the grandest and most beautiful of all the productions of the earth”. With these words, the artist […]


Waiting, for the loved one to arrive, for the pain to ease, for the uncertainty to be revealed, for my name to be called, for the […]

Why London?

I work on images that appeal to me both emotionally and visually and London definitely does both. I never cease to be surprised by how this vibrant […]

The Screenprinting process

Having sold the first run of the Edition of the print Silence, I set to finished the second run (the last 23 of the edition). I’ve […]